The Nine Best Family Guard Dogs & Why

Roxy at the cabin
Roxy the Diva

With very rare exceptions (notably the years I spent globe-trotting in the military) I’ve always had a dog in my life, usually more than one.  I grew up on the farm with Spike, the sweet Staffordshire Terrier, then sadly after an accident in the hay field with the mower (he had grown deaf and couldn’t see very well any more, but still loved chasing rabbits), there was Boots, the wire-haired cattle dog.  After Uncle Sam called me to Europe and other parts, my parents had Fritz, a very pampered dachshund after Boots passed on.  Once married, I lived with Amanda (a Shar-Pei), Molly (a Rottweiler) and Hunny (a ferocious teacup Yorkshire Terrier).  Then came our “bullies” – English Bulldogs Bella and Bazooka.  We “rescued” (the jury’s still out as to exactly who rescued whom) Roxy, the Pug diva when Bella began to walk a bit closer to the Rainbow Bridge.

Blazing’ Bazooka (“Zookie”)

Bazooka followed her last year, leaving a huge hole in our hearts.

As we’re growing older and slower, after much consideration and research we brought home Atticus, our pure Czech-bred German Shepherd Dog (we learned to always use “Dog” or “GSD” to distinguish between the canine and actual German humans who are shepherds, lol).  Our one big mistake was that after 10+ years with each of our bullies, we had forgotten about the puppy stage.  Good hell … toys scattered everywhere, furniture used for teething … it’s been a hectic but thoroughly enjoyable time.  Silence is GoldenWhile our other puppies had always been laid-back and sweet (okay, Amanda was a bit stand-offish like most Peis, but lovable all the same), Attie is downright impressive both in size and attitude.  We put him with a “rewards” trainer at first, but he quickly figured out the stunts he needed to pull in order to be given a treat … usually in return for something he had stolen: kitchen towels, shoes, underwear, socks, etc. GSD & Socks He’s now with a renowned Search & Rescue trainer who we should have gone with before (Lesson learned:  don’t go “cheap” with your new furry family member’s training).

Since we’re asked quite often which protection breed might be the best choice for a prepper, I thought to share the following article which I had received in my newsfeed this week.  Just remember that it’s only a starting point, and just one person’s opinion at that; your mileage may vary.  Do your own research and don’t forget to factor in your family’s lifestyle.  Let us know your thoughts via the Forum.

The Nine Best Family Guard Dogs & Why

P.S.  In case you haven’t figured it out … we’re GSD fans, lol.