Mea Culpa


Wow. Our sincere apologies. We’ve been working so hard on our tiny cabin (windows upgrade, rough-in electrical, insulation, etc.) … thinking that we’ll update the website at the first opportunity …

Then all of a sudden it’s two months later.

We’ve received a couple of messages asking if we’re still “in business” … we most certainly are, but we’ll admit that it appeared otherwise as we’ve allowed our attention to wander. Y’all have our promise that we’ll try not to let it happen again (but the operative word here is “try”, lol).

The world has changed quite a bit in the past weeks and months. The United States is embroiled in a presidential campaign unrivaled by any in recent memory. It’s devolved into character attacks rather than debates upon proposed policies. Elected officials are publicly and actively advocating riot and rebellion in response to a “rigged” political system. The country has become sharply divided along political and racial boundaries. Political groups have called for the effective balkanization of the United States (an oxymoron in action). Civilized society appears to be fast approaching a tip-over point.

Add to that mix the rising tensions in Syria where the U.S. is actively supporting Al-Nusra … an organization whom the State Department had once branded as “terrorists” in response to their affiliation with Al Qaeda and ISIS … in an effort to bring down the regime of Bashad al-Assad, an ally of Russia. We’re right back to the “bad ol’ days” of the Cold War where the U.S. continually warred with the Soviets (e.g., Russia) via proxies. Headlines in Russia ask citizens if they’re prepared for a nuclear attack from the U.S.. Oh, and then there’s the escalation with Yemen as well, with rocket fire being traded between U.S. naval vessels and on-shore batteries.

Any more questions about why we might have been focused on our tiny cabin lately?

In our never to be humble opinion, it’s time for y’all to consider finding that retreat property that your family has been long talking about, but instead postponed in favor of a newer boat, car or a trip to Disney World.

Give us a call … we can help.