Our Mission Statement –
Born of an independent spirit, Utah Safe Haven was founded with an unwavering determination to offer that ideal retreat property to the Prepper community – using revolutionary marketing practices coupled with decades of experience and an unbridled passion –  to promote and lead the way to self-sufficiency.


Welcome to Utah Safe Haven!

Don’t be shy! Y’all come on in and sit a spell (don’t mind the pup, just push him off the sofa to make some room) … kick off your boots, put your feet up and let’s visit for a bit. It’s so good to have you stop by!

Now, mind the construction. The paint might be a little wet still, but we’re here to provide you with the best information that we can find about self-sufficiency and prepping. Our goal is to become Utah’s #1 information aggregator … the “go-to” source for anything about anything … to help you and yours become more prepared for life’s little bumps; from a temporary power outage to the Zombie Apocalypse and everything in between.

But that’s not all …

Admittedly, we look at the topic of self-sufficiency from a bit of a different direction. Y’see, we grew up on a farm in the midwest, where the difference between “want” and “need” was firmly taught to us to by parents who had lived through The Great Depression. We “need” air to breathe, water to drink, food to nourish our bodies, shelter from the harsh elements and an element of security that will enable us to provide those same needs for our loved ones. When examined from the most fundamental viewpoint … everything else is merely an unimportant “want.”

You Can Survive

Now, barring a cataclysm of truly cosmic proportions … like a rogue, runaway planet passing too close to Earth and stripping away our atmosphere … we can pretty much depend on having sufficient air to breathe. Besides, there’s not much we could do to prepare for that type of event anyway, so let’s consider those things we can do –

It’s true that Utah is a “dry” state … in more ways than one. But we actually do have a lot of water available, it’s just a question of the hoops we have to jump through in order to get it, and keep it.

As to the question of food? It’s long been a habit of Utahns to have at least a three day supply, and preferably a year’s worth or more, set aside. Canned, jerked or freeze-dried, it makes no difference … but what happens after that runs out? Trust us, MREs get real boring, real fast.

Shelter is actually the second most important concern after water. A dry, windy day in this State will break one’s body down surprisingly fast through dehydration. Add in the Dixie heat or the Cache Valley cold and a lack of shelter quickly becomes a major problem.

Security? Well, let’s put it this way … when TEOTWAWKI comes in the form of zombie hordes, do you want you and your loved ones to be stuck in the middle of a heavily populated area? Nope … didn’t think so. ‘Nuff said.

THAT’S why we began Utah Safe Haven … because the single denominator common to prepping and self sufficiency is land

Land ownership equals a place to bug out to … whether from hordes of brain-eating zombies, or merely from a stressful week at the workplace. It provides a location for that all important shelter, a place to store your food and water … a home that’s safe and secure from the madness around you.

And that’s exactly where Utah Safe Haven comes in … we can help you help you and yours. We’ve lived off-grid, we’ve worked for our water, grown our food, built our shelter … in short, we know what it takes to create a self-sufficient life-style.

We not only “talk the talk,” we’ve also “walked the walk.”

It all begins with the land …

Let us guide you.